Tool Status

This is the Info Table for Injects/Tool and Tricks that are on this web and which are still active/On. Inject/Tool names and tricks that are not listed here means they are dead.

Name Tool and LinkTKPStatus
Tutorial XL Iflix to RegulerAll TKPOn
ZxcTunnel Axis Boostr + YoutubeNon Jabar (Sumatra/Jateng)On
Paket Tri 3 Murah 2019 #01All TKPOn
Config XL YouTube non JBRSumatra On
Axis ZxcTunnel Boostr Jabar [Tester2] Jabar Tester
Config ZxcTunnel Axis Boostr AndroidSumatra/Jateng/Jatim On

Table last update 21/07/2019. We will always update this Table if Inject/Tool and trik not work!