How to Find the Squid proxy server in

Post On: 19 July 2017
July 23, 2017 provider the Squid proxy server that suits your needs, FASTSSH.COM & SSHKIT.COM & TCPVPN.COM & VPNSPLIT.COM. So if you find the squid proxy from server ssh or vpn will give a tutorial,instruction by clicking.

1.For example i using server ssh from


2. Openg web Copy Server IP SSH or VPN will be used, and then paste to form web Instruction by clicking.


3.And then squid proxy will appear with the squid port, state and status proxy/ports. Instruction by clicking.


4.Usually squid is used instead of the original proxy ”provider”. Which will be put on the form inject you use. An example is like in the picture below.


5. Finish.
Note: The website only provides for squid from servers,, & In addition to the 4 websites can not, maybe the future will be updated for all servers 🙂

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